The International Genetics Federation (IGF) is an association of national genetics societies interested in promoting the advancement of the science of Genetics.  It seeks to support the activities of national societies and foster cooperation between them. The IGF is the custodian of the International Congress of Genetics, an elite conference that is held once every five years in different cities around the world.

International Congress of Genetics
A lot of information, images and videos from the International Congress of Genetics held in Melbourne in July 2023 can be accessed here.  Videos of the Plenary Addresses are available.  You can listen to webcasts of several of the public events.  You can also watch the superb world premiere of the oratorio Origins co-written by evolutionary geneticist Jenny Graves.  Origins tells the story of the origins of the Universe and life on earth.  It was performed by soloists and a 100 member choir accompanied by a symphony orchestra and spectacular visuals produced by Emmy award winner, Drew Berry.
The site for our next Congress to be held in 2028 will be announced soon.

Online Seminars
Working with member societies, the IGF also hosts regular free, online seminars in the Asia-Pacific and North, Central and South American regions.  Later this year we will be launching seminars in the Africa-Europe region.  Details on the seminar program and recordings of seminars can be accessed here.


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