The International Genetics Federation (IGF) is an association of national genetics societies interested in promoting the advancement of the science of genetics.  Representatives of member societies meet every five years at the International Congress of Genetics to receive reports, choose the venue of the next Congress, to elect members of the Executive Committee, to set fees and discuss IGF activities.

The major activity of the IGF has been to oversee the organization of the International Congress of Genetics that has a history dating back to 1899.  The first three Congresses were organized without international oversight, but at the fourth Congress held in Paris (1911) a leadership group with representatives from nine countries (the Permanent International Committee for Genetic Congresses - PICGC) were elected to perform this role.  Successive Congresses were organized in cities around the world by local organizers in liaison with the PICGC of the day until 1968.  At the 11th Congress held in Tokyo the IGF was formed to have a broader remit.   

In the contemporary context the portfolio of activities of the IGF include:-

1. To help promote the activities of national societies. 

2. To facilitate networking and cooperation between national societies. 

3. To support genetics meetings in developing nations and to give geneticists in developing nations face to face or online      access to high quality international conferences 

4. The conduct of the International Congress of Genetics that serves to unite geneticists from around the world, to report      and discuss the very best genetics and genomics research happening at that time and to consider the future of the            discipline. The goal is to complement the activities of national societies, not compete.


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