Andrews Akwasi Agbleke (Ghana)

Andrews Akwasi Agbleke (aka Kwasi Agbleke) received his bachelor's degree in Biochemistry from the University of Ghana, a doctorate in Genetics from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University. On completion of his fellowship, he worked as an Imaging Specialist at the Harvard Center for Biological Imaging before transiting to lead the Sena Institute of Technology (SIT), the first private nonprofit research center in Ghana. Dr. Agbleke's doctoral and postdoctoral research interest is on the 3D organization of chromosomes in bacteria and mammalian stem cell nuclei. Recently at SIT, his team has documented over 600 plants and insects and sequenced over 170 marine lives in an effort to document biodiversity in Ghana and their further application as model organisms for genetic research (biorepository). The Institute is also involved in an international effort to elucidate the genetic mechanism of uterine fibroid, which is common among black women (women health). He supervises undergraduate and graduate students' research and is actively involved in their training at the Institute. Dr. Agbleke serves as the Founding President of SIT, Chair of the Organizing Committee for the first Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) conference in Africa and Founding President of the Genetics Society of West Africa.


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